Atttention of a Kaleidoscopic Mind

In Greek a ‘Kaleidoscope Mind’ means an observer of beautiful forms.

What if we have a mind that is agile, flexible, self aware and informed by a diversity of experiences and constantly unlearning and learning?

What if we have a mind that is able to perceive at will any given situation from a multitude of perspectives; selecting from a rich repertoire of lenses and frameworks?

What if we have a mind that is playful with the ability to see patterns and no-patterns, connections and relationships?

What if we have a mind that can simultaneously think the causal and effectual point of view?

What if we have a mind that can rapidly switch from parts to whole and whole to parts again?

What if we have a mind that is robust and resilient at the same time, can solve problems of any kind, squarely face challenges without being overwhelmed and create new opportunities through designs by giving birth to new ideas?

What if we have a mind that can see through facades of falsehood to lucidly touch the reality, understand what must be done and then generate the will to do it?

What if we have a mind understands the unity of all things, changes constantly and free from the pains arising from the rigid attachment to all ideas, notions, construed imagination, opinions, concepts, theories and beliefs?

No doubt it would be truly wonderful. We would be then a liberated human becoming, free to flow in any frame of time and space and without.

But the question is whether it is possible to achieve such a state?

Think of a Kaleidoscope. The various arrangement of tiny pieces of colored glasses reflect and refract light into various forms and patterns that emerge suddenly from nowhere. As we slightly move or shift the tiny glass pieces rearrange themselves to generate new rapidly emerging patterns.

Is it then possible to move these tiny pieces of glass in a self organizing manner?

It is possible when the mind is still and clear like a mirror composed of tiny mirrors that allows ‘light of reality’ to reflect and refract on various self organized arrangements of tiny glasses for new patterns or solutions or answers to emerge on their own. The important thing is not to consciously search for an answer from an object of observation but to consciously allow answers to emerge from the reality exposed by our observations to be reflected and mirrored through a self organized mind for new understanding to emerge so that meaningful actions can be taken for better living. 

For this to happen the following practices are essential.

1. Practice of controlling the mind to one’s will without subjecting our will and spirit to be controlled by the mind.

2. Practice of self healing & evolving self esteem

3. Practice of inspired living by being with inspired persons

4. Practice of self study to reach the heart of understanding of present reality.

5. Practice of peer learning through observations, dialogs and collaborative exchanges

6. Practice of learning by doing and designing changes that adapts to present reality and beyond.

7. Practice of practical learning from all that happens to & around a person through mindful awareness of NEME an acronym that stands for Notice (observation of present reality through forms and feelings), Engage (see through and perceive reality and create mental constructs) Mull (over new understanding of reality and lessons learned through skillful actions), Exchange (of consciousness, maintaining balance without losing the ability to change again).

Such a body of practices surely gives rise to a self organizing and attentive Kaleidoscopic Mind leading to true liberation and evolution of the human spirit to face life boldy, think differently and live life effortlessly.


Ref: Rapidinnovation – The Non-Process



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