Counting Money or Contributions?

The task of an owner of any ‘robust’ business is to simply count money at the end of each working day.

This is because the resource that primarily fuels such businesses is ‘money’.

Therefore, the health of such businesses is measured by ‘grades’ or ‘rankings within peer group’ and hard financial numbers and quarterly profits.

However the owners of ‘resilient’ business and entrepreneurs count on a different resource.

Their primary resource is humans.

When the resource is ‘human’ the currency involved is made up of a basket of stories, narratives, ideas, dialogs, engagements.

Therefore, they count human ‘participation’ and ‘contributions’ and at times they count the money gained from such human ‘contributions’ for a more equitable distribution. 

The health of such enterprises is measured by ‘comments’ users make about their experiences with owners of resilient businesses and entrepreneurial firms.



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