Living, Loving & Risk

Most earn their living by doing often boring and repetitive tasks and activities which others might be able to do just as well. They thrive on performance against time. It is risky since when either performance or time fails you lose your job or get underpaid. You might not be able to love yourself for that making evolution of your spirit difficult if not impossible. 

Some earn their living by solving problems for others. They thrive on performance. The risk is medium. That might enable you to love yourself and improve your self esteem and also create the right platform to evolution of the human spirit. 

Few earn their living by accepting challenges or by challenging themselves. They thrive on their innate skills loving applied to challenges that bolsters self esteem. The risk is low enough to bother much enabling natural evolution of the human spirit. 

Only a rare few amongst us earn their living by creating opportunities for others and themselves that stubbornly refuses to border on exploitation. They thrive on love alone. And the risk is nil. Evolution of the human spirit is almost guaranteed.

The opportunity and choice of evolving ourselves are in our hands.



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