Patterns to No-Patterns!

As humans we are so adept at noticing patterns forcing us to act upon them or upon the information they provide. And we have really come to believe that our thinking must alwys be based on recognizing patterns. 

Is that the right way? Are we deluded by patterns?

I think our natural ability to spot patterns have consistently deluded us since whenever we see something we immediately notice the outlines of an object that goes on to form patterns. We hardly, if ever, notice anything in between or anything connected to the object. In other words, when we see outlines of something we do indeed notice the patterns being formed by the outlines but fail to see the sound of tree falling in the background.

If this informs our judgment, decision making or creative designs we are bound to go wrong.

Let us see what Bateson says about this phenomenon.

He explains the role of unconscious tremors, which he calls ‘saccades’ of our eye balls.

He says, “The end organs are thus in continual receipt of events that correspond to ‘outlines’ in the visible world. We draw distinction, that is, we pull them out. Those distinctions that remain undrawn are not (noticed or seen). They are lost forever with the sound of the falling tree…. “

Today, the world around us moves so fast that there is hardly any pattern that stays long enough with us to inform our judgments, decisions, thinking and creative efforts.

So this is a peculiar situation we are faced with — To see or not to see Patterns? Or how do we see and act on No-Patterns?

Patterns initiate our ‘thinking’.

No-patterns turn on our ‘feelings’.

It would be interesting to observe whether ‘feelings’ or ‘thinking’ would take the center-stage of our human activities from no on. 

I feel it would be ‘feelings’ first followed by ‘thinking’ not the other way around. 

So far, for the past 400 years it has been only ‘thinking’ devoid of any ‘feelings’. We now know what a mess we have thus created through understanding ‘outlines’ that create ‘patterns’. 

Is it time we start with No-Patterns?



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