Stop Looking for Jobs!

As the old industrial world, big companies, despots, tyrants, dictators tumble and collapse along with the old mindset the question of finding traditional ‘jobs’ are becoming rarer by the day. The old model simply refuses to work any longer the way it worked. Governments are bankrupt both for money and ideas. The education system is churning out certificates that are virtually not worth it since the old institutions for which these were meant for now belong to the quickly vanishing tribe of “neo dinosaurs”. Nothing new can be created in the old infertile soil. The old and familiar playground of jobs is now simply turning into a desert.

So with no new jobs being created and with the older jobs vanishing what is left?

What is still left is work and lot of good and meaningful work that fulfill local needs and local skills. Recently back from my holiday trip to the wonderful land of Rajasthan this is one story of a man who started a movement called ‘barefoot college’ in Rajasthan. My insights weren’t any different from that of his. The nomadic life that underlines the character of the place is probably the most efficient and effective way to live in this world now.


What we probably need now other than such barefoot colleges is the creation of effective and efficient net-worked economy of micro enterprises.

During my holiday trip to Rajasthan, I saw hundreds of opportunities for work and earning that are not being presently tapped into for survival, sustenance and prosperity.

That simply too much of an opportunity to pass up!

Why not Design Think Micro Enterprises created by outliers of the society and turning them into strong profitable entrepreneurs with Design Kata being a way forward to groom up such a class of entrepreneurs.

It might simply change the ways by which we live and work. It might also change the world and our societies and our whole outlook towards life to lead more sustainable and coherent lives.

What do you think?


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