IOU – The Dandelions

Mulla Nasrudin spent the entire autumn working his garden. Beautiful flowers blossomed next spring. And Nasrudin was happy and proud. But he noticed a few dandelions appearing, which he hadn’t planted. He wasn’t much pleased with that emergence.

So, Nasrudin tore them up. He wanted his garden to remain as pure as possible — just the way he wanted it to be. But the pollen had already spread and others began to grow. He tried to find a weed killer which only killed dandelions. A specialist told him any type of poison would end up killing all the other flowers. In despair, he went to ask a gardener for help.

– It is like a marriage – said the gardener. – Along with the good things, a few little inconveniences always appear.

– What can I do? – insisted Nasrudin.

– Learn how to love them . Although they are flowers you did not count on, they are still part of the garden. Peace does not lie in only getting what you want. It lies in understanding what to do when you get what you don’t want.


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