IOU – “3S” — The Design Mantra

What is so special about Design?

Well it is not everything but it has an insidious way of seeping into anything around us as we are, so to say, completely dependent on the ‘designed’ world of ours. Even if we were to go back thousands of years to our simplistic way of living,which is a quite unlikely possibility, to save ourselves from premature extinction we would need to design that world too!

Whatever we might choose to do, designers who are basically problem solvers would need ‘software’ or a ‘mantra’ to inform, drive and remind them of the task ahead and how best it might be done.

To me the simplest possible ‘software’ or ‘mantra’ may be captured by three Indian words, as said in India, ‘Satyam, Shivam Sundaram’.

While ‘Satyam’ stands for truth, ‘Shivam’ symbolizes unification of the male and female energies to create something new and Sundaram represents anything that is both beautiful and useful.

That can be a fine ‘mantra’ for design and designers since it first asks us to ‘see’ the reality to find out what exactly is to made ‘right’ and then use our creative energies that lends expression to some form of artifact that would be both beautiful and useful to people.

Not only the mantra is simple to remember but also captures the essence and purpose of design to continually ‘right’ things.


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