CL – The role of Creativity & Design

Many people take creativity and design to mean making things from ‘spoons to cities’ as the famous adage goes.

Sure it is. But there is something vital, which we generally tend to overlook.

I quote from Ralph Caplan’s book, ‘By Design: Why There are no Locks in the Bathroom‘.

“…design at its best is the process of making things right. That is designers, at their best, create things and places that work. But things often do not work. And making things right is not just a generative but a corrective process – a way of righting things of straigtening them out and holding them together coherently.”

In other words, it is a continual effort to correct problems or ‘solve them’ as they crop up, which they, for some strange reasons, come up every minute.

That is what the term Design Thinking is all about. It can be applied to ‘right’ anything we do as human beings.

Though the creative ability to ‘right things’ lies in every one of us we often don’t get to see it being applied to make things ‘right’.

Why is that?



CL – acronym that stands for Creative Leadership


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