IOU – The Mantra of Wealth!

One day a young disciple came to his Guru with a very worried look on his face.

The Guru asked, “What happened? Why do you look so gloomy?”

The disciple replied, ‘Oh, Guruji, there is one question that is weighing heavily on my mind.’

Curious, Guruji asked, ‘What is that?’

With lot of hesitation in his voice the pupil narrated his problem, ‘Well, I wanted to know the secret of earning wealth. My family is not very well off and I feel that time has come for me to help my family become wealthy enough and live life without much anxiety.”

The Guruji broke into peels of laughter. ‘Well then young man, now listen to this mantra that holds the secret of gaining wealth.’ With this the Guruji unveiled the sacred mantra for success.

” As you know Saraswati and Lakhmi are two sisters. And you also know that while Saraswati stands for knowledge and wisdom Lakhmi stands for wealth. However, of the two sisters, Lakhmi is very jealous of Saraswati though Saraswati is the kind, forgiving and the gentle one. So here is the mantra. If you choose to love Lakhmi more than Saraswati, Saraswati won’t mind that and let you be with Lakhmi. But then Lakhmi would soon desert you. But if you choose to love Saraswati much more than Lakhmi then Lakhmi would be very jealous and would constantly follow you and try to allure you all the while. Do keep taking her costly gift of wealth but don’t desert Saraswati because once you have done that Lakhmi would desert you soon.”

The disciple was more than happy to receive this sacred mantra before he left his Guruji’s place with Saraswati clearly placed in his heart.


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