Why not Engineering as a choice?

The question on everyone’s lips in the western world, especially the US, is why students aren’t going into engineering either as engineers or technicians. It doesn’t appear to be because of money.In India they earn the highest salaries possible. So it is in China.

Careers Council of Australia data shows that in 2003, starting salaries for engineers ranked fourth out of 23 disciplines, behind only dentistry, optometry and medicine, and the physical sciences ranked sixth. Ian Young goes onto say that his experience is that engineering and the physical sciences are perceived by students as being “hard”.

Good mathematical skills are almost essential for an understanding of science, technology and engineering. He believes the real nub of the problem lies in the early years of secondary school when students develop negative views about mathematics.

Finding and retaining gifted and highly motivated mathematics teachers is an international problem. What we need are inspirational mathematics and science teachers of the caliber of Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society.


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