IOU – Aesthetics

Here is a different take on ‘aesthetics‘.

The more I am delving into Gregory Bateson‘s life and work I increasing find how his ideas were shaped in many ways by the Eastern concepts and processes. One of the symbols he used and wrote about was that of Shiva.

Shiva embodies the angle to the nature of aesthetics – It is summed up by the slogan — Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram — meaning — Truth –> Shivam –> Aesthetics. The word Shivam is a bit special. It means the proper alignment of the male energy (expression) and female energy (containment) and turning on the mind (internally) that the Hindus and the Buddhists believe produces beauty (Sundaram).

Now for some fun — the word Shiva has two parts –> ‘Shi‘ and ‘Va‘. When you pronounce ‘Shi’ loudly you would invariably notice that the left side of your body vibrates (the female side — connected to the right side of the brain). And then when you pronounce ‘Va’ loudly you would notice the vibration of the right side of the body — connected to the left side of the brain). Well you probably get the hang of it.

Bateson’s understanding of Shiva is great. As inside so outside symbolized by the famous Cosmic Dance in the form of Nataraj.

So the beauty a designer creates or the beauty of a decison any leader takes comes from the inner beauty of a designer’s or a leader’s mind that is the ability of achieving the ‘no mind‘ state just before thinking. Leave it at that for the time being.


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