Creative Leader of the Week — Anupam Mishra

Anupam Mishra in his very characteristic eloquent style talks about the ancient ingenuity of water harvesting in India to provide bacteria free potable water to the masses without the help of modern chemicals and modern water treatment facilities.

Of interest to note are the following:

a) The techniques that were used.

b) The application of collective engineering

c) The sense of collective ownership of resources in India which runs in the culture even today

d) Community and culture lead projects based on wisdom and understanding systems and great design thinking ideas that squarely defeat modern engineering ideas.

e) Examples of collective participation and collective contribution to welfare of society.


The understanding of social problems is limited by the social consciousness of a culture and design solutions must be based on the culture of the land to suit the way of life not to change the way of living.

Hope you would enjoy this talk.


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