Pranav Mistry — Innovation + Compassion + Passion

Here is a thrilling story of an Indian innovator, Pranav Mistry.

His innovations with sixth sense technology are simply amazing.

Not only the technology he created is amazing but also the way he thought about them and went about creating them.

Surely it would serve as an all time inspiration to Innovators, Architects and Design Thinkers!

But what moved me most was his feelings for the masses.

He is virtually giving away his inventions and technology free through open source codes.

That speaks volumes about his deep spirituality — that is combining compassion and passion to do good work for the society at large.

That is the new credo of modern living –> Innovation + Compassion + Passion (that is combining Wisdom and innovative Action)

That is what I understand by spiritual living with a purpose.

But my understanding is not important. What is your take on this?




1.To learn more about his DIY (Do It Yourself projects, coming soon) visit:

2. To know more about him and how he gets ideas and work upon them see:


Ref:(Combining Wisdom and innovative Action)

1. Dharma and Creative Leadership

2. Artha The Means to Meaningful Life

3. Kama The Sensuality for Creative Leadership

4. Moksha The Path of Liberated Leader


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