Dealing with Complexity

This is precisely the challenge that lie before us in this century. The thinking and the methods that helped us in the last century aren’t helping us anymore.

What is needed is a total change in mindset and the methods of achieving it. It calls for transformational learning that would hinge around seven critical factors as follows:

1. How do we understand reality that always exist on different planes (goodbye to objectivity and single character definitions)

2. How creatively we learn, understand and know what is to be done in a given situation. There are no fixed answers and we can’t rely on previous solutions and best practices any more than we can rely on fixed mindset to tackle any problem or issue.

3. How do we see the interconnection between different issues and problems and understand the interdependence of one on something else.

4. How do we feel for something. That is how do we develop our feelings along with our brain power.

5. How do we communicate

6. How do we imagine

7. And how do we connect to everything around us.

These seven factors call for 8 new skills for the 21st century, which are the following:

1. Creativity

2. Doing more with less

3. Understanding business dynamics

4. Accelerated Learning on a daily basis

5. Empathy, Trust & Respect

6. Touching Hearts & Minds

7, Purposeful communication

8. Observing Changes, Creating Visions

The challenge lies in developing all these skills simultaneously through day to day actions.

The beauty is these skills would be needed in everything we would be doing in the 21st century.

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Biocomplexity_spiral Ask 1500 CEOs what the greatest challenge their organizations face is, and they’ll tell you:  complexity. 

Every crisis also creates opportunity and we believe this one calls us to bring transformative learning theory and practice to support leaders in meeting the challenge of increasing interdependence and complexity.




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