What Drives Out The Best

Once upon a time getting into the Indian Administrative Services was a craze.

Most young people wanted to get in. It instantly transported the person and his family to an ‘elite’ club drawing envy of those who could not make it. It is no longer so. It does not attract the best. The best dont even bother. Why?

The Government has messed it up, the old timers say.

To bring back the glory they feel Government has to depoloticize management of transfers, postings, inquiries, promotions, reward, punishment & disciplinary matters relating to civil servants. In short, management of people is far from fair. With opportunities galore the best in the country would care less about working in unfair workplaces.

Assessing people is so difficult. And assessing them based on their work is still more difficult since movement of personal work is difficult to observe & measure. So, can we observe the movement & the quality of work rather than form opinions & perceptions about qualities of a person, which invariably turn out to be false & unfair.

This is the precise challenge any management & HR would have to face & respond to from now on if they want to retain the best.


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