Robots Run the Asylum

Winter was mild and cool

Time for fun& play

But old Mr. Ram was hard at work


25 years back on a fine summer day

Mr. Ram opened his factory

So that it never shuts down


Within last 5 seasons

Mr. Ram bought or built 6 more factories around the globe

So that his businesses never close & monies flow


Last autumn, when leaves were losing colors

Mr. Ram turned 72

He suddenly became young at heart & more adventurous


So, on a fine winter morning

He vowed never hit the streets to the airport again

Except visit his oldest factory once a day


50 years back

He was the brightest management student around

Now he thinks all management theories are nothing but junk


So he decides to muddle the mud on the shop floor

With his own ideas tinged by ‘creativity’

Rejecting all that he passionately knew

One Sunday evening when the moon shone bright

He had one of his brightest ideas

Why not have three Works Managers instead of one?


Next morning when employees trooped in grudgingly

They saw the notice board in awe

Henceforth each one would handle 5 bosses

By afternoon, when the sun shone dimly on the wintry sky

Managers were crest fallen – not knowing what to do

Employees smiled clearly knowing the path ahead


By Friday evening the air was chill

Productivity went through the floor

Lunatics ran the asylum


Darkness fell, stilling everything around

Motion came to a grinding halt.

Robots moved everywhere not knowing where to go


One Response to “Robots Run the Asylum”

  1. Patric Roberts Says:

    A Conscious Lunatic in the Asylum

    The story is told of a man who stops just outside the gates of an insane asylum to repair a flat tire. He takes the hubcap off, jacks the car up, and removes the lug nuts, placing them carefully inside the hubcap. He removes the flat tire and turns to pick up the spare tire and accidentally steps on the edge of the hubcap. It flips over, spilling the lug nuts into an adjacent storm drain, leaving the man totally distraught, seeing no way now to get the car moving again.

    An inmate, watching all the while from just inside the gates, shouts to the man, “Cheer up! You can remove a single lug nut from each of the other tires, use them to install the spare, and quickly be on your way.”

    The man perks up immediately, and in a sheepish voice says, “Thanks for the suggestion. Why didn’t I think of that?” all the while thinking to himself, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

    As if to read his mind the inmate continues, “I may be a lunatic, but I’m not stupid!”

    For an account of the legitimacy, if not the eccentricities of other points of view, including aberrant ones, see the movie, “The King of Hearts”, or read:
    Sacks, O. The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, and Other Clinical Tales. New York, Summit Books, 1985.

    Inquiry and Question: An Annotated Bibliography
    Compiled by Morley Lipsett, PhD.

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