Igniting the Spark through Social Media.

We can ignite the necessary spark of an welding electrode in two ways:

a) Scratch and lift — go along for a short time and let go
b) Touch and lift – just touch for a fraction of a second and let go

We do the same thing while developing people.

For some, we would have to go along with them for sometime and then let go.

For others, one interaction would be enough to create the spark to a fire that keeps burning for life.

However, creating that vital spark is important.

With traditional education we neither ‘scratch and lift’ nor ‘touch and lift’. We go drumming year after year till the person would have had enough of it and is bored to death. That is why after some years we remember only a few teachers and professors who have made an impact in our lives. The majority goes into oblivion.

Undeniably, the traditional approach has its use in the initial years of making of a person. The mistake is that we extend the thought and the process right into the professional period of a person’s life. People don’t like it. More than 80% of the people I meet want to quit their jobs even in this time of recession. Why? They simply feel that they are no longer learning anything new or exciting in their jobs to keep their vital spirit alive. At the end of the day they go home with a heavy heart and an empty mind. It sucks; killing the spirit to be curious, to be innovative, to discover, to search for mentors, to take responsibility to be awake and learn and fend for life.

However, Learning through Social media is quite different. It can ignite the fire in the belly in both ways – ‘scratch’ and ‘touch’. Since it is more dependent on what we search and want in life. We take what we need and not what is thrust upon us. It gives us time to reflect and create meaning. It creates a democratic, egalitarian and perhaps more prosperous societies.

Therefore, it is important to ignite the spark that keeps the fire burning for life.

So, it does not surprise me a bit as to why fire is so respected and revered amongst all civilizations across the globe.

It occupies a special place in our lives.

That is the energy when harnessed helps us to achieve anything worthwhile and lasting and build better societies. 

Social Media is the right means to achieve the end.


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