Talent Development for Personal Survival & Growth #in

As our world grows increasingly complex along with the exponential growth of unfettered data we can probably no longer only rely on our primitive part of the brain for survival that only evokes fear, anxieties and worries that kill our spirit in the long run. Developing one’s own talent is therefore becoming a crucial factor for survival and sense making in the rapidly changing environment. Developing our talents is our personal responsibility which can’t be any longer delegated to organizations to take care of.

Well, most of us understand this. But how to gain such knowledge is the question? It is difficult since such knowledge is ‘tacit’ in nature and is not easy to come by. It can’t come from tons of data, opinions, books, data streaming on the social media, intense social interactions and pleasantries on the web.

Strangely, it can come only from meaningful interactions between mentors and mentees based on the day to day real experiences that we face. Therefore, it stands to reason that we have to interact with suitable mentors, who in the first place are difficult to find. And to accelerate the process we need to create favorable germinating conditions, which are the following:

a) Trust based relationship — where trust develops based on empathy skills of the mentors and mentees centered on mutual respect for each other.
b) A social media platform that facilitates such meaningful interactions to take place by breaking down the barriers of space, time and physical proximity.
c) Meaningful interactions which are centered around what mentees want to develop and not what mentors want to thrust upon them and a suitable framework for the movement of knowledge and talent to flourish.

This space is waiting to be filled in to accelerate our current state of development of talent and knowledge to ensure better sense making and survival in a complex environment that engulfs us more strongly than before.

Paradoxically speaking the change bring in the much required stability in our lives.

Talent development. Why does all this matter? Maybe we should just accept the inevitable and bid tacit knowledge and trust-based relationships a sad farewell. Well, here’s the rub.  In a more rapidly changing world, our success and, in a very real sense, our survival, depends on our ability to learn faster and accelerate the development of our talent.  The half-life of any skill is rapidly diminishing.  If we are not continually investing in talent development, we become marginalized.  What are the most relevant and valuable skills to acquire? They are the ones deeply embedded in the tacit knowledge of those on the edges of our economy and society, those who are encountering first-hand and ahead of the rest of us the challenges and opportunities that we all soon will face.  There’s very limited data on the edge and the data that does exist may help us to understand the “what” and the “why,” but rarely the “how.”

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