Vibration Case Study 3

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This is a part of the ongoing online interactive course that we conduct through social media platforms. The forum has an interesting name — Mahakumbh of Technical Creativity. In India it is believed that a dip in the confluence of the three rivers (Ganges, Yamuna and the invisible Swarswati) known as the Kumbh, purifies anyone and helps one in the difficult journey towards enlightenment. The Mahakumbh is held once every 12 years. The significance is noteworthy. 

Ganges stands for the power to heal – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yamuna stands for the power to purify the world through love

Saraswati stands for the power of knowledge

No wonder the combination of the three makes a potent mixture worth all the admiration. If enlightenment can't be obtained through the help of these three powerful aids then what else can bring forth enlightenment? I wonder.

The significance of the 12 years must also not be lost on us. Today in modern language it is known as the 'Tipping Point', which signifies that it takes around 10,000 hours or more of devoted practice for anyone to reach an extremely high level of excellence. Roughly translated into years this figure would be anywhere between 10 to 14 years where the average being 12 years.

So Mahakumbh symbolically stands for the whole thing — heal thyself, purify the world through love and become enlightened through the power of knowledge and devoted practice. Such practice is aided through meaningful dialogs, deep interactions, meetings and a host of other exciting things. 

Other than the interesting name the group also has very interesting members. And the members have a certain characteristic — they are all bold and courageous and they all live by the following credo:

*Don't believe in anything simply because we have heard it somewhere; don't believe in rumors or things followed or spoken by many; don't believe anything written in books or spoken by authorities, teachers or elders or believe and follow traditions just because these are handed down through generations. Only after keen observation and critical examination when we find anything that agrees to our reason and commonsense and find it good and beneficial to one and all we would not only accept it wholeheartedly but also live up to it.'

That undoubtedly needs a lot of boldness, free and open spirit.

The following questions only help to train our minds towards that purpose — understanding and insights come only after critical observation and through examination.

1.  What did the analyst do when he understood that historical vibration data or trends were not available for this piece of equipment?

2.  Why did he make those decisions?

3.  Had he known the trends what changes he would have made in the decisions and why?

4.  How can you justify the selection of the frequency bandwidth of 2000Hz? What is the basis of such judgment?

5.  Why the highest overall reading appeared in the horizontal direction of the motor NDE?

6.  Why do you think the most informative signature was found in the axial direction?

7.  Other than using the formula how else do you think the analyst could have deduced that the problem was with the outer race?

8.  Would the analyst have done better by paying attention to something else and correcting that problem?

You can also be a part of it and leave your responses in the comment box. We can still have an interesting dialog.


We acknowledge the help of AV Technology, UK for sharing this case study for in-depth learning through discussions and dialogues (not debates).


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