Can’t make a Chastity Vow while Impotent

One must have something before giving it up for better living or improving one’s way of life or following one’s dreams.

One pays a price for following one’s dreams. It is worth it? The choice is between living a mundane life by living someone else’s dreams and a brilliant life in full flow of a Himalayan river. One is forced to take a call and live by it by fully understanding the intended consequences.

Everyone lives his/her path in his/her world. One struggles within it to set oneself free. Both the path and the world views are important part of the internal struggle to liberate oneself. Once done neither the path nor the world views are important. These then can be renounced for living a life in constant enlightenment.

The point is are we struggling? Why? How much? We all have choices.

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As Buddha said, first you have to have, then you can renounce everything. It is easy to make a chastity vow if you are impotent. Easier to make a poverty vow if you are incapable of earning money with your choice, your dream. I could buy a castle, but I bought a watermill, not because I feel guilty – I work hard – but because a watermill is close to my way of seeing life, and easier to maintain. As for my work, no publisher dares to ask me anything – I don’t see the point of “corporate capitalist structure”.

In The Alchemist you have said that you have to pay a price for the perusal of ones dream. What’s the price you paid in the journey with your dream?

A very high one. But I am glad that I paid this price for my dream, instead of paying the price of living someone else’s dreams.

You have been into an asylum twice. People like Michael Foucault have written about the power discourses that create madness. How do you see you days in the asylum?

I cannot summarize that. I wrote a whole book on my experience, “Veronica Decides to Die”. But one thing I can say: it was not a traumatic experience, to begin with. It was in my path, I had to see it as something that I must overcome, not as something I was victimized by.




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