Less is More – Fewer synapses, more efficient learning [08Dec10]

Fewer, more efficient synapses do the trick. This encourages us to rethink our lives.

Doing too many things in a day would not help us learn, grow and produce quality work.

Spreading our attention and concentration too thinly over many activities would not help us either.

Thinking fast and thick might make us stupid.

Trying to spend every minute of the day productively might impede our internal development.

Making too many phone calls would damage our learning process.

Trying to read too many tweets might prove detrimental to our mental health.

Trying to react to every information that comes our way would be a disaster.

Having too many friends on social media might be counterproductive.

Speed and too much of everything would wreak our lives.

All we have to succeed in life is our Awareness, Concentration & Consciousness, which must be protected by all means. Rest are all superfluous and meaningless.


Amplify’d from www.psypost.org
The brain resembles a large construction site.
Tiny protrusions constantly form on the surface of neurons. If such a protrusion meets the corresponding structure of an adjacent cell, the ends of these processes mature into a synapse.
A synapse, in turn, makes it possible to transmit information from one cell to another.
If an existing synapse is inefficient or is no longer needed, it will be eliminated.
Scientists agree that the capacity to learn, forget and remember depends on this constant “remodelling” of the brain.
“One would perhaps think that animals with an increased number of synapses would be able to process or store information better”, Valentin Stein, one of the two heads of the study, suggests. In reality, it was quite the opposite – these animals were poor learners. A behavioral test demonstrated that mice without SynCAM1 learned faster and remembered better.

Read more at www.psypost.org



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