First Artificial Kidney – Design Thinking

Indian led team designs the first artificial kidney.

If successful in human trials it will spell the end of dialysis.

Shuvo Roy, a US based Indian researcher, designed the world’s first implantable artificial kidney.

It is not larger than the size of a coffee cup, will be able to mimic the kidney’s most vital functions like filtering toxins out of the bloodstream, regulating blood pressure and producing the all important vitamin D.

This artificial kidney has been tested successfully on animals and its human trials are expected to be held over the next five years. Once available, it would be a boon for all patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Design Innovation:

1. Silicon membranes filter the blood and remove toxins.Toxins will pass to bladder as waste.

2. A bed of transplanted kidney cells regulates chemical balance of the blood.


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