General Theory of Emergence, Essence, Imperfection & Solution


1. Solve very tricky, complex, complicated, nagging & wicked problems

2. Modify existing systems for improvement

3. Design new systems to effectively meet new needs

Three basic concepts can help us understand emerging patterns (emergence), the relationships that causes such patterns (essence), the incompleteness or imperfections that might act as lever points that can change the system behavior (solution). These are the following:


1. All emerging patterns or emergence are due to interdependent relationships of various elements of a system interacting with each other and other systems. It is useful to remember that relationships do change over time and under different conditions creating various patterns and emergence.


2. Emerging patterns that arise is a system’s creative response to gain the previous or new equilibrium point(s) on being pushed away from its present and stable equilibrium point. The way a system responds is the essence.


3. Incompleteness in a relationship or multiple relationships (called imperfection) is the cause of all problems or undesirable behavior. Correcting the imperfection either improves the existing system or creates a new system for a new need.  


We would tackle these issues with the following concepts:


1. All that we observe, feel, think, create and do are reflections of our mind. So mind is the fundamental tool we would use.


2. We would Observe & Understand patterns as linear or non-linear and to decide the manner in which we would approach a problem or an issue. So pattern recognition through observation is a fundamental skill that we would use.


3. Gain insights into the essence & imperfection that cause specific emergence to take place and then think of ways and means to eliminate the imperfection or reduce the effect of the imperfection if it can’t be eliminated totally. Hence, perception, comprehension, reflection, intuition, synthesis, analysis, imagination, creation/expression, planning, decision making, doing & memory/standardization would be the internal human qualities we would use as resources.


So, in effect, we would be using all our human senses and all the capabilities our mind to solve problems or to create new solutions in a systemic manner without creating unintended consequences.




Even the relationship between 2 elements can create many 'emergence' that can range from being simple, complicated or complex.




Some sand is lying on the road around which there are some residential buildings. Is it a part of the system? YES/NO, Why?

An electronic door bell either rings or does not ring. Why?

'Why' becomes the guiding question to understand patterns/emergence/essence/imperfection/solution


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