Questioning? — the Power of the Critical Mind

Making Sense from Nonsense (last post) — what next?

Do we compare our observation with something in our memory field?

Is our brain meant for storing or learning?
If previous images are not needed for new learning then what?

Do we apply 'critical discrimination'?

Is 'critical discrimination' anything other than the 'art of questioning'?

What do we question?

Are we observing the essence of the pattern being seen? 

Do we arrive at the essence through 'analysis' or 'synthesis' or both?

Does our new understanding of 'essence' explain emerging patterns?

How do we learn from this essence?

Do we contemplate to tap into intuition or delve deeper?

Or carefully release our imagination?

Does it create a new learning?

Does the new learning make us wiser than we were a minute before?

Does it 'de-condition' us?

Does it help us sense the 'context' and challenge 'assumptions'?

Can we face other new emergence with authenticity & boldness?


2 Responses to “Questioning? — the Power of the Critical Mind”

  1. Nilakshi Says:

    We get a perception of the “patterns” in our observations – using both analysis & synthesis.
    Both are required for best effect.

    But “New Learning” doesn’t de-condition us immediately.
    New learning only makes us aware of a system, of a set of processes, of some consequences.
    De-conditioning takes more than one cycle of “new learning”.

    But the faster, someone can de-condition negative patterns & embrace positive patterns, through new learning – the better is his “adaptability” or flexibility.

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