Making Sense from Nonsense

When we see something — we might say — how beautiful it is.

When we hear something — we might say — how soothing it is

When we smell something — we might say — how obnoxious it is

When we touch something — we might say — how irritating it is

When we taste something — we might say — how delicious it is

We sense our world through our 5 senses + 1 more sense  — that is our 'mind sense'. This sense prompts us to say things like, 'beautiful', 'soothing', 'obnoxious', 'irritating' and 'delicious'.

Notice that it immediately creates two problems:

Problem 1 — We stop looking anything beyond the noun — like a lady, music, apple, carpet, tea etc. It prevents us from seeing what these objects are doing — moving/rearranging spatially, holding/linking, eliminating, copying/creating, expressing

Problem 2 — Just because the mind has  concluded or inferred about the object — by stating that something is beautiful, soothing, irritating etc it prevents us from seeing the truth of what we are observing. We don't see the movements of the objects, how one object relates to another object in the same environment or in different environments, how parts of the object relate to each other, how they function, how they change over time, how they express themselves under different conditions, how they would get destroyed, by whom and why etc.

So, our 6 senses would only leave us with a partial perspective of things that we want to sense. It prevents us from getting to know the whole. It reminds me of the famous story of the elephant and the 6 blind men who sensed the elephant in 6 different ways. Number 6 is therefore not a coincidence!

What can we do?

Can we eliminate one of the 6 senses that was making sense of all our senses? You got it right. Can we eliminate the 'mind sense' that was unnecessarily interfering and trying to make sense of everything and clouding our vision and preventing us from seeing the truth of the matter.

Once the 'mind sense' is eliminated we are left with 'nonsense'. I call this 'uncoloring' or 'no mind sense' state' of sensing the truth.

Left with such 'nonsense' we are then allowed to delve deeper and make in-depth sense of things and phenomena that we encounter in our environment and come closer to the 'truth' of things. It helps us in decision making, creativity, design, thinking, strategy, marketing etc..

Isn't NONSENSE a wonderful state of mind to to arrive at the truth! Or come quite close to it.

We all want to make real sense of everything. Don't we?

Why not try NONSENSE for a change? 

Reliability Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.


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